Tuesday, March 14, 2006




Butter milk: 500 milli liters

Bengal gram dhal: 1 tea spoon full

Orid dhal: 1 tea spoon full

Green chilies: 5 numbers

White pumpkin: 1 piece

Coconut: 1 half

Oil: 2 tea spoons full

Salt: as per your requirement

Mustard: little or I pinch


Soak both dhals mentioned in water.

Put a little oil in a vessel and heat it , add mustard, when fried add ground coconut paste, both already soaked dhals, green chilies, salt and a little water and let them all boil.

Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and add to the broth, once it is boiled, remove from fire, when cooled down only add butter milk.

Do not add butter milk while the broth is hot.

You may add brinjal or ladies fingers instead of pumpkin.

Butter milk is having no butter in it. Butter is churned out separately. The remaining liquid is named as such. It is more nutritious as it has all the yeast available in the curd.


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Hi Nathbala,

First time here, you have an amazing collection of veg affair!!! I'm a veg freak tooo...

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