Tuesday, February 21, 2006


vegetarian mess



Onions: 250 grams

Toor dhal: 200 grams

Tamarind: tiny sized

Coriander seeds: 2 tea spoons full

Chilies: 6 numbers

Black pepper: 2 tea spoons full

Cumin seeds; 1 tea spoon full

Fenu Greek: ½ tea spoon

Coconut: small half

Oil: 4 teaspoons full

Salt: as preferred

Mustard: little

Asafetida: tiny piece


Boil the Toor dhal first.

Clean the onions and shallow fry until red in color

Shallow fry, Chilies, mustard, cumin seeds, fenugreek, and coriander seeds until they become red in color.

Add these with the scraped coco nut and grind them all together.

Add the shallow fried onions first to the boiled dhal and let it boil once.

Now add ground paste with salt, coriander leaves, and curry leaves into the dhal.

Once boiled add stir fried asafetida and mustard and remove from fire.

You may try any main dish with this side dish to add more taste.


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