Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mochchai kulambu

vegetarian mess


(Indian hot side dish)


Dried mochchai beans: 100 grams,

Tamarind: 25 grams,

Oil: 50 milli liters,

Onions small: 22 numbers,

Tomato small: 2 numbers,

Chilies powdered: 2 tea spoons full,

Coconut: 1 small half,

Salt: as per taste

Mustard: little


Roast mocchca with little oil.

Now boil the mochcha

Dilute tamarind in water and add ground coconut and onions and add chilies powder and salt mix them all and add to the mochchai.

Mochchai boiled water too can be added to this mixture.

Instead of chilies powder, you may add chilies a few number while grinding coconut and onions.

If you prefer, you may add brinjals, karunai yam, potatoes, drum stick vegetable and any others depending on your taste.

Put oil in a vessel roast the mustard in it, when they sputters, add them to mochchai.

Let simmer for a few moments then remove from fire.

Try and see, then let us know the results.


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