Monday, January 30, 2006

vegetarian mess

vegetarian mess


Rice: 1 Kilo
Tamarind: 100grams
Dried red chilies: 15 numbers
Turmeric powder: 1 tea spoon full
Asafetida: one tiny piece
Splitted Orid dhal: Two tea spoons full
Splitted chick peas: 50 grams
Ground nuts: 50 grams
Gingelly oil: 250 grams
Salt: according to your preference.
Curry leaves: one hand full
Mustard: one pinch
Roasted ground nuts: 50 grams


Cook the rice as usual.
Spread on a plate to cool.
Dilute tamarind I water as to become a thick paste.
Shallow fry: mustard, splitted chick peas, splitted orid dhal, red chillie pieces, Asafetida, curry leaves.
Add: Tamarind paste, salt, turmeric powder, and mix well and let again boil.
Remove from fire and mix with the cooked rice.
Add roasted ground nuts and again mix well.


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