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Many people of the world look at vegetarianism as largely as a matter of economics.
People choose to be a vegetarian for reasons other than the economics.
Parental preferences, religious beliefs, lifestyle factors, and health issues are among the most common reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian.
Certain others choose to be a vegetarian out of concern over animal rights or the environment.  
Lot of people has more than one reason for choosing to be a vegetarian.

Vegetarian and Semi-Vegetarian

Different people follow different forms of vegetarianism.
A true vegetarian eats no meat at all, including chicken and fish.
A lacto-ovo vegetarian eats dairy products and eggs, but excludes meat, fish, and poultry.  A lacto vegetarian eats dairy products but not eggs.
An ovo vegetarian eats eggs but not dairy products.
How about yourself?


A stricter form of vegetarianism is a vegan (pronounced: vee-gun or vee-jan) diet.
Not only are eggs and dairy products excluded from a vegan diet, so are animal products like honey and gelatin. (Used to prepare Jelly)
There are a surprising number of foods that you'd think might be vegetarian but aren't - foods like gelatin, which are made using meat byproducts;
Cheese, which is made using an animal-based product called rennet,
and sauces such as Worcestershire sauce.
Vegans avoid all these foods.

Macrobiotic diets fall into the vegan category.

Macrobiotic diets restrict not only animal products but also refined and processed foods, foods with preservatives, and foods that contain caffeine or other stimulants.

Following a macrobiotic or vegan diet could lead to nutritional deficiencies in teens,
who need to be sure their diets include enough nutrients to fuel growth, particularly protein and calcium. If you're interested in following a vegan or macrobiotic diet it's a good idea to talk to a registered dietitian. He or she can help you design meal plans that include adequate vitamins and minerals.

Some people consider themselves semi-vegetarians and eat fish and maybe a small amount of poultry as part of a diet that's primarily made up of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. A pesci-vegetarian eats fish, but not poultry.

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This is one of the basic cooking methods of grains, legumes, yams etc. Other methods, of course we have already looked into. They are porridge and paste making. While making porridge we add more water for the kernels to be cooked and get diluted in the water or milk. We will use less water for making a paste out of the same. Now for pudding, we add less water than the paste. In case of flours steaming is adopted in place boiling. We use grains like wheat, rice, corn, millet and similar other small grains. All kinds of legumes and yams containing more starch are used in this way. Some time make flour out of these ingredients and convert them into puddings.

Normally we boil the grains and simply drain the water away. Instead of this we allow the water to be simmering. Now the grains will stick to each other. You may give them desired shapes like round, square, triangle, ball like, and every thing possible according to your imagination. Natural flavours can be simply added without much effort.

Ad any flavour you wish or simply bland people eat this preparation. Add milk in place of water. Add colours.  

More oriental recipes you may expect in the future.


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vegetarian mess

vegetarian mess
Edible pastes

Earlier we looked at a little on porridges, before going onwards to
Puddings we will have a look around at pastes of different kinds.
Pastes come in between porridge and puddings.

Porridges have more fluid content. Puddings are just the opposites.
Pastes are not much thick and not too watery. More suggested to
Children, elders and sick people. easy to swallow and easy to digest.

Made from most kinds of grains, legumes, yams and their flours.
Palmyra sprouts also famous for making this type of recipe.
Rice flour is most frequently used.

Full recipes will be submitted as and whenever possible

vegetarian mess

vegetarian mess
Few recipes on Porridge.


Rice and Green grams Porridge

Required items Quantity

Milk 250 ml
Raw rice 250 gms.
Green grams 250 gms
Sugar 500 gms
Cadju 50 gms
Dried grapes 200 gms
Cardamom 10 no
Ghee 2 Teaspoons


Clean the rice then wash , add 6 cups of water and boil in a pot. Mean while roast the green grams up to reddish colour, then add to cooked rice and sugar paste, milk and cadju, dried grapes, roasted in ghee. Finally after removing from fire add powdered cardamom

Porridge with flakes

Required items Quantity

Flakes 250 grams
Sugar 250 grams
Ghee 2 tea spoons
Cadju 25 grams
Cardamom 6 numbers
Milk 250 milli litres


Roast rice flakes with ghee in a pan, grind them. Boil water and add ground flakes. Pour milk on them. Add sugar. Add cadju roasted in ghee. When fully cooked remove from fire. Now add cardamom powder.

Substitute butter in place of ghee.

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Few recipes on Porri

Few recipes on Porridge.

Milky Porridge

          Required items     Quantity
          Milk               500 ml.
          Sugar               400 gms
          Cadju                 50 gms
          Raw rice            50 gms.
          Cardamom                 8 no
          Ghee                      2 Teaspoons

Place one cup of water and milk each in a pot and boil them together. Raw rice to be roasted in ghee and added to the boiling pan. Add sugar after well cooked. Rice must be nearly diluted form. Roast cadju in ghee, then break them into pieces and add to the mixture. Pound the cardamom a little and add after removing the boiling pan from fire.
Green grams Porridge

          Green grams          250 gms
          Sugar               250 gms
Milk               250 ml
Cardamom              5 no
Ghee                   2 Teaspoons full
Cadju                 25 grams

Clean and roast the green grams, put them in a pan and add water of four cups full and boil. When the grams become nearly diluted add sugar diluted in water or golden syrup. Then add milk and cadju nuts roasted in ghee. When finished remove from fire and add powdered   cardamom

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Dear friends

Dear friends,

After intorducing you all to my porridge making, I went in search of porridge over the internet.
I came across this site which I find very good but only thing they have non vegetarian items
also included. Any how you may visit this place and enjoy the vegetarian recipes and the
explanation on porridge including thesaures extract there.

Another wonder I came across about this porridge.In Scotland they are having an annual
Porridge competition. Why don't we try to participate in this competition and win prizes.

It seems that the Scots are specialists in porridge, and there is a book on porridge
also published.

In the meantime I am in receipt of a few Poridge making recepes , which are sure,
very simple, only thing you have to wait a bit until every thing is ready.

Another thing I wish to mention about he initiation of this blog. I was highly interested
about blogging and suddenly came across this facility. One of mystep brother wanted
details about i started this. Hoping you all will assist. I simply thought
to start with Porridge as it is the basic meal in almost all countries. I introduced only our
tradition. Now it is growing into a big thing.

Porridge has a long history, even from Roman times. So it is becoming more and more
Porridge is not so  that simple. It is an ancient thing, with a long history. It has connections
with the Archaeology too.

Making Porridge

Making PorridgeWhat is a porridge? How do you make it?Normal Porridge is a mixture of water and grain kernels boiled togetherand drinking, being most poor peoples diet.It is a good diet for people recovered from illness. When completing fasting also more suitable. Islam members drink this in the evening tojust to break the day time fasting. After having the porridge in the evening. Then only they will have their dinner daily.While you prepare the porridge from rice, clean it first then wash it well. Boil the water. Place the washed rice into boiling water and cover with a lid. Rice will dilute with the water but do not allow to become thick. After cooling you can easily drink it.This type of porridge is also given to people inside jail. They never add salt to it.While you prepare it , you may add salt or sugar or any sweetenerand any flavour you may prefer.This is only a basic preparation.Some people add milk after the rice is well cooked. Cow milk or powdered milk, condensed milk, Coconut milk, even Soya milk can be used.If any one else tried any other milk , please inform us so that every one will get to know.Green gram (Mung gram) too could be added for flavour. It must be added before the rice and let it be cooked thoroughly for easy digestion.Splitted and roasted Mung gram will add a fine aroma and palatable taste.One hand full of rice and one hand full of Mung grams will be sufficient for one person.Add enough water and milk suitable to your taste.Normal rice can easily handle the job.Rice flakes can substitute the rice it the will have to be soaked in water before cooking. over night soaking is more preferred for preparation of a breakfast.When grains and legumes are added together their nutrition value add up to high.Soya can be easily substituted to Green grams.Semolina, Vermicelli, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Short macaroni, noodles, Bread crumps,Oat flakes, corn flakes and wheat flakes too will do the job finely.While adding sweeteners like sugar or anything else You may add fruits and nuts according to your preference.Dried fruits dried grapes etc. and cadju nuts, almonds, are mostly preferred.Even pine apple, Carrots, Jack fruit, Mango, Dates, bananas, apple, are being added according to the taste. Sweet toddy from Kittul, Palmyra, Coconut are being used to sweeten this preparation.In Kerala (India) Certain kind of plantain is powdered and used to prepare this recipe.Different kinds of flours (of different grains) too could be used similarly and made into a paste.If this paste is thickened it will be like pudding.Detailed preparation methods with the accurate measurements will follow.

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Vegetarian thinking

We welcome everyone to participate in vegetarian cooking , recipes, meals and dieting. Further information will follow