Tuesday, March 14, 2006




Butter milk: 500 milli liters

Bengal gram dhal: 1 tea spoon full

Orid dhal: 1 tea spoon full

Green chilies: 5 numbers

White pumpkin: 1 piece

Coconut: 1 half

Oil: 2 tea spoons full

Salt: as per your requirement

Mustard: little or I pinch


Soak both dhals mentioned in water.

Put a little oil in a vessel and heat it , add mustard, when fried add ground coconut paste, both already soaked dhals, green chilies, salt and a little water and let them all boil.

Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and add to the broth, once it is boiled, remove from fire, when cooled down only add butter milk.

Do not add butter milk while the broth is hot.

You may add brinjal or ladies fingers instead of pumpkin.

Butter milk is having no butter in it. Butter is churned out separately. The remaining liquid is named as such. It is more nutritious as it has all the yeast available in the curd.

Thursday, March 09, 2006




Tomato: 250 grams
Onions, small: 2 numbers
Garlic cloves: 10 numbers
Coriander leaves: little
Curry leaves: 1 hand full
Coconut: 1 half
Green chilies: 8 numbers
Poppy seeds: 2 tea spoons full
Salt: as per your requirement
Oil: 50 grams
Mustard: little
Orid dhal: little
Turmeric powder: little


Cut tomato, curry leaves, and coriander leaves into tiny pieces.
Scraped coconut, onion, and poppy seeds into a paste.
Pour little oil into a vessel and roast mustard , orid dhal, Curry leaves, garlic, and green chilies cut into pieces, in it when they are roasted add tomato pieces and water , salt, and then mix them well.
Once boiled remove from fire.

Fine side dish for any kind of meal.
Specifically idly, thosai, hoppers, string hoppers, pittu, parota, and also more suitable for all kinds of rice puddings too.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fun for everybody

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Eat plenty of


They just protect us.

They contain almost all the vitamins and minerals required to keep us healthy.

They can easily chase away all unwanted diseases.

Daily have more vegetables and fruits for your betterment.

Potatoes and other yams are excluded here.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Important notice:

everything you buy for cooking should be kept safely away from rodents, insects.etc.
Grains , legumes etc should be cleaned and whatever possible to be washed , dried and kept in proper containers.
Vegetables, fruits , leaves, herbs must be cleaned and washed.
When you shallow fry mustards continue until they sputter.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


vegetarian mess


You don't have to join a gym, buy a treadmill, or wear a
heart monitor and count your heart beats,
You just have to move your body with some regularity
at a moderate intensity: a brisk WALK, gardening,
cycling, WALKING up steps. It all counts towards
protecting your heart."


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mochchai kulambu

vegetarian mess


(Indian hot side dish)


Dried mochchai beans: 100 grams,

Tamarind: 25 grams,

Oil: 50 milli liters,

Onions small: 22 numbers,

Tomato small: 2 numbers,

Chilies powdered: 2 tea spoons full,

Coconut: 1 small half,

Salt: as per taste

Mustard: little


Roast mocchca with little oil.

Now boil the mochcha

Dilute tamarind in water and add ground coconut and onions and add chilies powder and salt mix them all and add to the mochchai.

Mochchai boiled water too can be added to this mixture.

Instead of chilies powder, you may add chilies a few number while grinding coconut and onions.

If you prefer, you may add brinjals, karunai yam, potatoes, drum stick vegetable and any others depending on your taste.

Put oil in a vessel roast the mustard in it, when they sputters, add them to mochchai.

Let simmer for a few moments then remove from fire.

Try and see, then let us know the results.